Learning and Fun at Bell Middle School

This summer, the NAACP San Diego sponsored a STEM camp at Bell Middle School.  The camp was produced by Hands-On Technology, and features Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs In Action

After learning basic software and hardware skills, the kids had a chance to put their tech skills together with creativity, business sense, and persuasive power to come up with Silicon-Valley style funding pitches.  What you see below are the results of just one day’s work:

The Educators’ Perspectives

Here’s what camp director Armando Garcia had to say about the camp:

Mobile STEM Camp

Armando Garcia discusses the Mobile STEM Camp sponsored by the NAACP San Diego at Bell Middle School

Bell Middle School Principal Jackson-Hubbard makes some excellent points about the importance of our kids:

Principal Jackson-Hubbard on the 2018 Mobile STEM Camp

Principal Jackson-Hubbard discusses the NAACP-sponsored mobile STEM Camp at Bell Middle School