NAACP San Diego Branch Executive Committee 2016 - 2018



Dr. André J. Branch


1st Vicepresident & Health Chair

Clovis M. Honoré

2nd Vicepresident

Khalada Saalam-Alaji


Hope Middleton


David Del Rio

Assistant Treasurer

Lt. Benjamin Kelso


Ramona Jones

(ACT-SO Chair)

Sarah E. Sloviter Esq.

(Legal Redress)

Pierre Bradshaw

(Membership Chair)

Petrina Burnham-Branch Esq.

(Political Action Chair)

Anne Barron

Gerald Brown

Linda Cochran Johnson

Ardie Darling

Edney Darling

JoAnn Fields

Ramona Peaches Grant

Sylvester Oliver

Past Presidents

Thank you to all of our past presidents for their leadership and commitment to civil rights. Many of the rights and privileges that we enjoy today are the direct result of their sacrifices. They helped with the right to vote for people of color. They helped open the doors of employment and educational opportunities, and they have fought against abuses in the criminal justice system. We stand on each of their shoulders as we continue to promote political, educational, social and economic equality in San Diego.