NAACP San Diego Newsletter for August 2018

August NAACP San Diego News

San Diego City Councilmember Georgette Gómez has introduced an ordinance to prevent landlords from discriminating against Section 8 voucher holders. Section 8 vouchers are overwhelmingly used in areas of San Diego that are non-white and relatively less prosperous, which defeats one of the aims of Section 8, to give all people the ability to choose where they live.

Music and Empanadas; The (2nd) Hangout at Liberty Station

We had a great time at Liberty Station on Sunday night. It was a lovely evening with a lovely breeze, and the bands were both great. We were split on whether the opening act (Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact) upstaged the headliner (Earl Thomas.)

Besides popcorn and drinks, we also made a run to the Liberty Station Market for empanadas, ice cream, and carmel bars.

These are the sad remnants of our feast:

Stay tuned for more hangouts!

Report from the 109th NAACP National Convention

by NAACP San Diego First Vice President Clovis Honoré

The NAACP 106th Annual Convention was, as always, an inspirational event. More than 1200 members of the NAACP attended.  The critical work of the NAACP which is handled at this convention is the resolutions process.

  • Day one. Sunday, July 15, 2018
    • I attended the Memorial Breakfast. – The Keynote Speaker, Allan Boesak, of the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa, Informed us that, as racism and discrimination has not gone away in America in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement, Neither has racism and discrimination been eradicated from South Africa after the official end of Apartheid.
    • Participated in the Presidents Council meeting. The meeting was an excellent overview and preparation for the Convention.


  • Day Two. Monday, July 16, 2018


    • Attended Regional Meeting.  This is the preparatory meeting for all Regional Delegates. (We are in Region 1). Here we handle our regional business, like elections of officials from our region to the National Convention, such as Resolutions Committee, Credentials Committee, etc.,
    • Dropped by the Youth and College Welcome Session. Lots of energy! The Chairman of the National Board, Mr. Leon Russell, reminded everyone in attendance that the youth in the room are the future of the NAACP. He also gave a history lesson on James Weldon Johnson, who wrote what we now call the “Negro National Anthem.”
    • Attended Opening Plenary Session.
      • There was a Hip Hop Social Justice Activism Panel with Curtis Blow and others.
    • Attended the Health Luncheon.  The Keynote Speaker was Dr. Ruth C. White, PhD., MPH, MSW. She spoke passionately of her own experience dealing with bipolar disorder and the differences between the US healthcare system and those in the UK and Canada.


  • Day Three. Tuesday, July 17, 2018


    • Attended Regional Meeting.  We reviewed the minutes from the previous day’s meeting, heard from National officers and prepped for the Resolutions Plenary Session.
    • Attended Resolutions Plenary Session. Voted on Resolutions and offered editorial amendments.
    • Attended Membership Luncheon. Keynote Speaker, Rev. Nicholas B. Rivers, III gave a powerfully inspirational message for the NAACP to stay on task, not be scared and get the work done. THe NAACP is a membership organization and we have to stay relevant and recruit members. The emphasis was on increasing life memberships.
    • Visited the Health workshop. The emphasis was on mental health.
    • Visited the Environmental and Climate Justice Workshop


  • Day Four. Wednesday, July 18, 2018


    • Attended Opening Plenary Session
      • Speakers included Benjamin Chaves and a Millennial panel on civic engagement.
      • Attended closing session –  Spingarm/Thalheimer/Freedom Fund Awards Dinner

What’s on Your Mind?

The branch recently put out a Member Satisfaction Questionnaire, so see what you think of what your branch is doing, and to get your ideas for what our new priorities should be.  About half the surveys were taken in person and about half online; in both cases, the results were completely anonymous.  The results were pretty interesting.

Most people who answered the survey feel welcome.  Everyone who answered the survey at a meeting felt welcome.

35 of 41 respondents thought one of our priorities should be criminal justice.  This is an area in which the branch has been active (including filing a lawsuit on behalf of protestors of Alfred Olango’s killing), but having heard such a clear signal from our membership, we want to do more.  If you can help, PLEASE contact our Criminal Justice committee at [email protected]!  If you’d like to read more about what we’ve been doing, visit our Criminal Justice page.

Education is much on your minds as well.  We have a Back-to-School Stay-in-School Fair coming up, and we just finished a trip to ACT-SO National with our local Gold winner Jor’Denay  This summer, we started a new program; a STEM Camp at a local middle school. You can stay up-to-date on our Education and ACT-SO activities on our website.

Also of great interest to our membership is our economic situation.  We could use more of you to come out and pitch in with your skills in entrepreneurship and business, to help our members get the jobs and build the businesses they need to succeed in our economy.  Please write [email protected] or [email protected] if you can help.  Also, if you have a local small business, you may be interested in signing up for our Member-Owned Local Small Business Directory.

Many of the people who answered our survey have participated in branch activities, and we’re very grateful.  Still, a third of respondents haven’t, and with only 41 people responding, we know there are a lot more of you out there.  We need you to come out.

For those who have participated, we asked what detracted from the experience.  The results were pretty telling:

Lots of folks lack the time to help as much as they’d like.  They also think others should do more, and that they don’t know what to do.  We have very experienced members in this branch who can help to educate you, and we can bring in storied names from our National organization to help train you, so don’t worry about not knowing what to do.  We get that it’s tough out there, but if we all just all commit to coming out and giving a few hours’ of our time, we can accomplish so very much more.  If you can’t make our regular meeting time, visit our calendar and find out when a committee meets, or join the Young Adult committee for one of their Hangouts.  Do something fun and help us build momentum toward making a better world for us now and into the future.

Finally, we asked what else we could improve about your branch.  Here are the answers:

Head and shoulders above the rest was “Better Communication.”  We’ve revamped our website.  We are producing a monthly newsletter of branch plans and activities.  We are active on Facebook and Twitter.  We’re committed to giving you the information you want and need to have about your branch.

Come on out and see us sometime, and let’s work to make our world a better place; remember, Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Engagement Matters!

Member-Owned Local Small Business Directory

We at the NAACP San Diego support strongly the NAACP’s belief that Economic Sustainability is a game-changer for the 21st Century. We believe that African-Americans and other people of color should share fairly in economic growth and development.
Our economy is in turmoil. The wealthy few are wealthier than ever before, and the rest of us are all too often sliding down the economic ladder. Good jobs, that allow workers their fair share of profits, are less and less available than ever. The economic ladder is being pulled away before most people of color have even climbed to the middle, much less the top.
One way we can fight this trend is by supporting small business ownership in our communities. To this end, the NAACP San Diego has a Member-Owned Local Small Business Directory on our website. Any NAACP member who is sole proprietor of a business here in the San Diego area is eligible for a listing, free of charge.
Each listing will consist of your business name and contact information. We will also note on each listing if the proprietor is African-American (AA), other Person of Color (POC) or Female (F). Those of you with corporate memberships are eligible to design a small advertisement for placement in the directory.
If you know someone who owns a small local business and is NOT currently a member of the NAACP, membership is only $30 per year. Tell them to visit and sign up!
To get your listing in our directory, please fill out our online application.
Full details on the directory may be found here.
We encourage our members to consult the directory and purchase goods and services from other members where possible.

The 40th Annual ACT-SO Competition

The ACT-SO team had a great time at the awards.  It was amazing to see so many African-Americans gathered in one place not to discuss issues or problems, but simply to celebrate the magnificence of African-American youth.

Our local Gold medallist, Jor’Denay, didn’t medal at National despite a stunning performance, but she was chosen over dozens of her peers for one of five speaking roles during the awards ceremony.  She had to rehearse intensely the rest of the weekend, but she made connections and got experience that will serve her well into the future.

NAACP ACT-SO 40th Anniversary

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Sock Drive for Veterans Village

by NAACP San Diego Armed Services & Veteran’s Affairs Chairperson Sherry Strothers

Our Fun Walk & Sock Drive was a huge success!!! Thanks to all the wonderful people that came out in the scorching heat to donate socks and underwear for the homeless veterans of Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD)! Most importantly I want to thank my fellow brothers and sisters of the San Diego NAACP and the AMAZING brothers and sisters of the San Diego Veterans for Peace! Your support is greatly appreciated and let’s keep working together for positive change. ?

NAACP San Diego Armed Services Sock Drive

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And here we are, donating the socks and underwear!

Senior Housing in Lakeside

12219 Roberts Way, Lakeside CA 92040

Low-income Sr apts, one story in San Diego. Applicants must be 62+. Must not exceed HUD low income limits.

All apps must be completed in full to be eligible for placement on wait list. Placement is based on date & time fully completed app is rcvd.

Business hrs. Mon. thru Fri. 9 am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm
For information
Call: 619-443-2150
Email: [email protected]