We at the NAACP San Diego support strongly the NAACP’s belief that Economic Sustainability is a game-changer for the 21st Century. We believe that African-Americans and other people of color should share fairly in economic growth and development.
Our economy is in turmoil. The wealthy few are wealthier than ever before, and the rest of us are all too often sliding down the economic ladder. Good jobs, that allow workers their fair share of profits, are less and less available than ever. The economic ladder is being pulled away before most people of color have even climbed to the middle, much less the top.
One way we can fight this trend is by supporting small business ownership in our communities. To this end, the NAACP San Diego has a Member-Owned Local Small Business Directory on our website. Any NAACP member who is sole proprietor of a business here in the San Diego area is eligible for a listing, free of charge.
Each listing will consist of your business name and contact information. We will also note on each listing if the proprietor is African-American (AA), other Person of Color (POC) or Female (F). Those of you with corporate memberships are eligible to design a small advertisement for placement in the directory.
If you know someone who owns a small local business and is NOT currently a member of the NAACP, membership is only $30 per year. Tell them to visit join.sandiegonaacp.org and sign up!
To get your listing in our directory, please fill out our online application.
Full details on the directory may be found here.
We encourage our members to consult the directory and purchase goods and services from other members where possible.