Report from the 109th NAACP National Convention

by NAACP San Diego First Vice President Clovis Honoré

The NAACP 106th Annual Convention was, as always, an inspirational event. More than 1200 members of the NAACP attended.  The critical work of the NAACP which is handled at this convention is the resolutions process.

  • Day one. Sunday, July 15, 2018
    • I attended the Memorial Breakfast. – The Keynote Speaker, Allan Boesak, of the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa, Informed us that, as racism and discrimination has not gone away in America in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement, Neither has racism and discrimination been eradicated from South Africa after the official end of Apartheid.
    • Participated in the Presidents Council meeting. The meeting was an excellent overview and preparation for the Convention.


  • Day Two. Monday, July 16, 2018


    • Attended Regional Meeting.  This is the preparatory meeting for all Regional Delegates. (We are in Region 1). Here we handle our regional business, like elections of officials from our region to the National Convention, such as Resolutions Committee, Credentials Committee, etc.,
    • Dropped by the Youth and College Welcome Session. Lots of energy! The Chairman of the National Board, Mr. Leon Russell, reminded everyone in attendance that the youth in the room are the future of the NAACP. He also gave a history lesson on James Weldon Johnson, who wrote what we now call the “Negro National Anthem.”
    • Attended Opening Plenary Session.
      • There was a Hip Hop Social Justice Activism Panel with Curtis Blow and others.
    • Attended the Health Luncheon.  The Keynote Speaker was Dr. Ruth C. White, PhD., MPH, MSW. She spoke passionately of her own experience dealing with bipolar disorder and the differences between the US healthcare system and those in the UK and Canada.


  • Day Three. Tuesday, July 17, 2018


    • Attended Regional Meeting.  We reviewed the minutes from the previous day’s meeting, heard from National officers and prepped for the Resolutions Plenary Session.
    • Attended Resolutions Plenary Session. Voted on Resolutions and offered editorial amendments.
    • Attended Membership Luncheon. Keynote Speaker, Rev. Nicholas B. Rivers, III gave a powerfully inspirational message for the NAACP to stay on task, not be scared and get the work done. THe NAACP is a membership organization and we have to stay relevant and recruit members. The emphasis was on increasing life memberships.
    • Visited the Health workshop. The emphasis was on mental health.
    • Visited the Environmental and Climate Justice Workshop


  • Day Four. Wednesday, July 18, 2018


    • Attended Opening Plenary Session
      • Speakers included Benjamin Chaves and a Millennial panel on civic engagement.
      • Attended closing session –  Spingarm/Thalheimer/Freedom Fund Awards Dinner