YOU are Needed to Support Police Reform!

We have sent the attached letter to the City Council, with copies to the press, Chief Nisleit, and Women Occupy San Diego.

We strongly believe that San Diego deserves a truly independent body to oversee issues the community has with the San Diego Police Department.  The Police Department should not be the only agency investigating the Police Department.  The same City Attorney should oversee both the investigation and defense of our Officers; for our good and theirs.  The Mayor should not be able to hobble the body by refusing to make appointments. We see, time and time again, that Police Officers face no consequences for discriminatory and violent acts against African-Americans and others.  It is vital that we have as many tools as possible to hold the Police accountable.

We need true independent oversight of the SDPD.

Here is how you can help: At 1pm on July 11th, the San Diego City Council Rules Committee will take up the Charter Amendment proposed by Women Occupy San Diego. This amendment would make a step toward more independent oversight of the SDPD, by removing the Mayor’s stranglehold, giving the body discretion on what cases it can investigate, and providing independent counsel and investigators. The July 11 meeting is the last opportunity for the committee to move the amendment forward to the full Council, so that it may be placed on the November ballot, and we can all vote on it.

The Police Chief and Police Union will be there; you may guess how they will argue.  We need you to show up at the City Council chambers on the 12th floor of 202 C Street.  We need to show the Committee that people want the opportunity to increase Police accountability.

We know you work.  We know you go to school.  We know, and they know, that taking time out of your day to visit the City Council has a cost.  Allowing oversight of the Police to flag has a very great cost as well.

Please, show up to the City Council at 1pm on July 11th.  You will have friends there.

Whether you can or cannot support us with your physical presence at the July 11th meeting, please write your Councilmember in support of this Amendment.  Many NAACP San Diego members live in Council District 4, which is represented by Council President and Rules Committee Chair Myrtle Cole.  She needs to hear from you!

Thank you,

Dr André J. Branch
President, NAACP San Diego

2018-07-02 Letter Regarding CRB Amendment (dragged)
2018-07-02 Letter Regarding CRB Amendment (dragged) 1