Know Your Membership

Be a Card Carrying Member of the San Diego NAACP

We are only as strong as our membership.  No people, no organization. Your NAACP Membership Card contains some key information:

  1. If yours says “RECEIPT” in red, it means you only have your receipt from NAACP San Diego Branch; your permanent card, when it comes will say “CARD” in blue.
  2. Regular Adult memberships are issued for one year. Check your expiration date and aim to renew one month in advance. Lifetime Memberships, not fully paid, have an annual expiration date until paid in full.   Lifetime Memberships fully paid list 1/1/9999 as an expiration date.
  3. This is your Membership number. If you ask us questions about your membership, please refer to this number.
  4. Check your branch number.  The San Diego Branch is #1063-B. If your card lists any other Branch number, and you would like to become affiliated with the San Diego Branch, contact [email protected] and a unit transfer form will be sent to you.

You may renew:

  1. Online at
  2. In person on at 6:00 pm on the first Thursday of the month at The General Membership Meeting in the Jacobs Center Community Room, 404 Euclid Ave.
  3. By downloading a membership form and mailing it in with your check

Misplaced your Membership Card and have questions?

Contact [email protected] and we will straighten it out!

— Diane Langworthy, Assistant Secretary