San Diego governmental agencies are no strangers to housing discrimination lawsuits this year.  Two separate lawsuits have been filed alleging that our government is perpetuating the concentration of poverty, largely in areas that, due to the region’s long history of segregation, are populated by people of color, including African-Americans.

The first discrimination lawsuit was filed in State court by the San Diego Tenants Union against the San Diego Housing Commission.  It alleges the Housing Commission’s policies regarding Section 8 vouchers concentrate poverty in areas where people of color live.  (The NAACP San Diego Branch has been seeking permission to join this lawsuit for two months; our National organization is promising us an answer “soon.”)

The most recent lawsuit was filed by local residents in Federal court.  It also addresses the San Diego Housing Commission’s handling of Section 8 vouchers, but throws in a grab bag of other claims, including one about the Live Well Center being slated for Southeast San Diego.

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