Please join us at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, June 26 at the City Administration Building, 202 C Street, for a press conference regarding the lawsuit.

The NAACP, along with the San Diego Tenant Union and Darlisa McDowell have filed a civil rights, racial discrimination lawsuit against the San Diego Housing Commission. The San Diego Housing Commission’s actions setting Section 8 vouchers significantly below market rent perpetuate racial segregation in violation of state and federal law.  

The San Diego Housing Commission’s actions prevent thousands of families with Section 8 vouchers—a population in which racial minorities are overrepresented—from living in high-opportunity, low-poverty neighborhoods that are predominantly white. San Diego Housing Commission’s actions force families with Section 8 vouchers into rental units in segregated, high-poverty, low-opportunity neighborhoods.  

The goal of the lawsuit is to require the San Diego Housing Commission to increase Section 8 voucher levels to allow families with Section 8 to rent units throughout the City instead of in only segregated, high-poverty areas. 

In 2016, the Obama Administration targeted San Diego because of its high concentration of Section 8 voucher participants living in concentrated, segregated low-income neighborhoods. San Diego was one of the only 24 metropolitan areas nationwide that the Obama Administration targeted. The Obama Administration directed these areas to de-segregate by using a different voucher calculation method. The San Diego Housing Commission announced that it would not follow the Obama-era desegregation method because it considered the Obama-era policy to be “nothing more than social engineering.”  The parties condemn these statements. 

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