PTSD Awareness Day

Army Sgt. Jon Harmon lost both legs after stepping on an improvised explosive device while on a mission in Afghanistan in 2012 . Today he speaks to commands and veterans about his personal struggle with mental health and how he works to overcome it. (U.S. Army photo by Kevin Fleming)

June 27th is Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder Awareness Day.

PTSD is a mental health issue cause by experiencing or witnessing very highly stressful events. It is a treatable condition, and no one should be ashamed of seeking help for it. Symptoms include depression, irritability, and an inability to put those experiences in the past.

Contrary to popular belief, very few people with PTSD are a danger to others, and none of them are beyond help. If you think you may be suffering from going through difficult circumstances, please make your life, and the life of those you love, better by seeking assistance from a physician or other health or mental health professional.

Here are some links that can give you more information, including how to get help:

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Everyone who has been through trauma, including those who did it in service to their country, deserves the help they need to live a full and happy life.