Vincent Riveroll: 2019 NAACP San Diego Branch Freedom Fund Dinner Honoree

The NAACP San Diego Branch is pleased to honor Vincent Riveroll at our 2019 Freedom Fund Dinner!

“With Students First”

Vincent Riveroll is the founding director of Gompers Preparatory Academy (GPA), serving as the school’s executive leader and principal teacher since 2004. A cum laude alumnus of Duquesne University and an educator for over 25 years, he has earned various distinctions for his innovative work, including Educator of the Year by the San Diego Urban League Young Professionals in 2005 and multiple “Teacher of the Year” recognitions.

Under Director Riveroll’s transformative leadership, GPA has achieved many successes that have positively impacted students, families, and the surrounding community. Forging a partnership with UC San Diego and later expanding GPA to high school grades in 2009, he has ensured that historically underserved students would gain opportunities to succeed in rigorous, college prep coursework. With 74% of GPA graduates accepted to four-year universities over the past eight years, GPA now has a strong reputation for providing a welcoming, stable and joyful campus in Southeastern San Diego. The accomplishment of significantly improving school attendance and high school graduation rate is rare where 92% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch.

Once featured in the San Diego Union Tribune for his abilities to creatively instruct and engage students, Mr. Riveroll’s reform efforts to change campus culture at low performing schools have led to wider sharing of his groundbreaking work (i.e. San Diego Unified School District, University of Washington and the Highline School District, WA and Niagara, Canada) and visits to GPA by the Governor of California, the Chancellor of UCSD, and California’s Secretary of Education.

Director Riveroll believes that closing the opportunity gap in public schools is a critical social justice issue of our time. He has a record of producing dramatic student achievement gains as a teacher and leader. An educator and inspirational leader at heart, he continues to lead from the front as a classroom teacher, exemplifying an unwavering belief that all students deserve opportunities to break barriers. He is relentless in placing students first and believes that a highly structured school environment, staffed with the most positive and supportive adults, is necessary to propel students to greatness. Director Vincent Riveroll is an innovative thought leader who welcomes the challenge to create a world-class urban charter school that puts students first.

The Freedom Fund Dinner is an annual event that, in addition to celebrating our supporters, recognizes groups and individuals who have contributed to the cause of Civil Rights and racial justice throughout the City, County, State and Nation. This year will be an extraordinary celebration, as we look back on the 100 years since the founding of the San Diego Branch, and look forward to our bright future.

The evening is sure to be memorable and enjoyable for all.