The 4th of July, 400 Years Later

The United States has not been celebrating July 4th for 400 years. That’s how long most Africans in America trace our plight on this continent. Not all, but most. By the time the wealthy, white, landholding Continental Congress-men signed the Declaration of Independence, Africans had already endured 157 years (or more) of enslavement by the British colonizers. The august men who signed the revered document proclaiming “life and liberty” as God-given rights of all (men), decided it was okay for Africans and their descendants to endure another 89 July Fourths in slavery, in the “land of the free”, until it no longer served the political and economic interests of the northern states, whose industrial development gave them the advantage in the Civil War.

Since then we have seen forward and backward motion in fits and spurts regarding white America’s attitude toward the people of African descent. After Reconstruction, legal battles, World Wars and the Civil Rights Era; white power, white supremacy and white privilege have always clawed back some of the gains African descendants have made – as if we have ever made gains enough to serve as reparations for what was stolen from our ancestors and is now subsumed within the wealth of America and (mostly white) Americans.

After 400 years the Bible tells us God got tired of it all and had a plan for the sudden and dramatic liberation of an oppressed people in an ancient land. The most powerful nation on Earth suffered a crippling defeat without ever fighting a battle. It was primarily because of a recalcitrant and egotistical leader who would not listen to anyone’s counsel. One can only hope history will repeat itself, and my people will be free in short order, by divine order.

C.M. Honoré, President
NAACP San Diego Branch

ACT-SO National Coming Up!

Once again, the NAACP San Diego Branch ACT-SO program is sending Ms Jor’Denay Collier to compete in Poetry Performance at the National ACT-SO Competition!

Jor’Denay, our Gold Winner!

This year’s competition will be in Detroit, Michigan, at the Renaissance Center, pictured above.

Jor’Denay’s Aunt Kim and ACT-SO Chair Renita will be there to cheer her on.

James Jackson: 2019 NAACP San Diego Branch Freedom Fund Dinner Honoree

The NAACP San Diego Branch is pleased to honor James Jackson at our 2019 Freedom Fund Dinner!

James was born in Huntington, WV., from where he later joined the U.S. Navy in 1981, and married his wife Terri in 1985. James retired as a Master Chief Petty Officer in 2007 after serving 25 years of honorable service in the Navy. While serving, he volunteered in numerous community relations events (at home and on foreign shores). After the military, he became a financial representative in 2008. His mission is now to help individuals and families better manage cash flow in their unique personal situations, and to better protect and accumulate wealth. James likes to jog, play tennis and exercise, and is consistently active in his local church and community. This includes service as an Elder with the Revival Time Church of God in Christ, and volunteering with the San Diego Organizing Project and Boy Scouts of America. He is an active member-volunteer with the SouthEast San Diego Rotary Club , sharing the clubs motto, Service above Self. He spearheaded the formation of the current Boy Scout troop at Johnson  Elementary (sponsored by SESD Rotary). His focus in serving in Southeast San Diego is a personal, because in the 92114 zip code where he lives, African Americans suffer many unnecessary health disparities and are underserved. As current Chair of the UCSD Center for Aids Research Community Advisory Board, he is working to educate and inform, and to show that this community actually cares. In his spare time, James loves spending time with his lovely wife Terri. They have raised two sons, Kingsley and Isaac Jackson, both of whom they are extremely proud.

The Freedom Fund Dinner is an annual event that, in addition to celebrating our supporters, recognizes groups and individuals who have contributed to the cause of Civil Rights and racial justice throughout the City, County, State and Nation. This year will be an extraordinary celebration, as we look back on the 100 years since the founding of the San Diego Branch, and look forward to our bright future.

The evening is sure to be memorable and enjoyable for all.