CA-HI State Convention Delegate Election — September 5th!

The NAACP California-Hawaii State Conference will hold its annual convention from October 25th-27th in Los Angeles.  We are entitled to up to six voting delegates, and it is the hope of the Office of the President that we will send a full slate of six delegates, because we believe that it is time for our voices to be heard at the State level.  They spend a lot of time telling us what they the State Officers and Executive Committee Members want, and it’s time for us to tell them what we the people want.

Remember, the State Executive Committee can, by a simple vote, force us to cease to advocate for any position with which they disagree. Unlike our Executive Committee, all the General Memberships in the world can’t change a position that handful of people agree on. It behooves us to make sure those elected take our concerns seriously and that they have outstanding character.

To accomplish this, we need to elect those delegates at our September 5th General Membership Meeting.  To conserve Branch funds, and because the convention is practically in our backyard, we are going to propose that we will pay the registration fee ($75) as well as a $100 per night housing stipend for the nights of the 25th and 26th.  Delegates will be on their own for meals and extra conference activities.

Both the reimbursement plan and the election of delegates will be voted on this coming Thursday night, so please do make it a priority to join us, and don’t be shy about putting your hat in the ring if you’d like to represent your Branch to the State.