Jose Elenes Reyes Jr.: 2019 NAACP San Diego Branch Freedom Fund Dinner Student Honoree

The NAACP San Diego Branch is pleased to honor Jose Elenes Reyes Jr. at our 2019 Freedom Fund Dinner!

José’s impressive set of achievements, in the face of tremendous life challenges, is a testament ot his personal strength.  The sheer determination that it took to accomplish a high grade-point average in school, as well as to excel in sports is commendable. He has used all of the challenges that may have caused hi to fail and allowed them to mold him into the resilient, capable leader and mentor that he is today. 

The Freedom Fund Dinner is an annual event that, in addition to celebrating our supporters, recognizes groups and individuals who have contributed to the cause of Civil Rights and racial justice throughout the City, County, State and Nation. This year will be an extraordinary celebration, as we look back on the 100 years since the founding of the San Diego Branch, and look forward to our bright future.

The evening is sure to be memorable and enjoyable for all.