Disappointed With “No” Votes on Satellite Offices


The NAACP San Diego Branch would like to voice its displeasure that the San Diego County Board of Supervisors were unwilling to protect and strengthen the voting rights of all eligible San Diegans.  The board fell one vote short of the required four “yes” votes, with Supervisors Jim Desmond and Kristin Gaspar in opposition against the recommendation of the County’s Chief Administrative Officer and County Legal Counsel.  Once again, they’ve proven themselves to be roadblocks to a free and inclusive political process that respects the rights of all.

County Registrar Michael Vu said “if supervisors didn’t move forward with opening satellite offices, it could result in longer lines.  In addition, the county might be at risk for not certifying the next election within 30 days.” That would lead to the county seeking an extension through the courts, Vu added.

Chief Administrative Officer, Helen Robbins-Meyer said “We don’t have the opportunity to say…we’re not going to do it.” Ms. Robbins-Meyer went on to say that opening these satellite stations would be critical and urged the Board to vote to approve them.  

A state law passed earlier this year made the March 2020 race the first election where people on election day will be able to register to vote or change their party identification at any polling location.  The plan would have created four satellite locations which would have more technology and access to voter registration files, so the county would need fewer provisional ballots, all while providing several new locations for residents hoping to register and vote on the same day.

The NAACP San Diego applauds the three “yes” votes from Supervisors Fletcher, Cox and Jacob, who share our belief that democracy works best when the most people participate.


Kamaal Martin, Chair, NAACP San Diego Branch Political Action Committee
Clovis Honoré, President, NAACP San Diego Branch