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Election/Membership Changes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NAACP National Board of Directors has made two important changes to the membership and elections rules.

  • First, the deadline for membership has been moved from April 1st to May 1st; you will now be eligible to run for Branch office if you are a member of the NAACP San Diego Branch as of May 1st (and stay that way.)
  • Second, they will now count your membership as valid on the day it is received by the NAACP San Diego Branch, not the day we report it to National. That means any delay in processing by the Branch Secretary (as if!) will not affect your eligibility to run for Branch office.

Please note: By “Branch office” we mean any of the elected offices (President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer) or for an at-large seat on the Executive Committee.

As a reminder, this is the Branch election process: