Special Education Information Courtesy of Schwartz & Storey

What’s going to happen with special education?

At this time it is not clear what is going to happen with schools and special education. There is a lot of information out there, a good amount that is conflicting, and it is changing daily. The schools are closed and the Governor suggested they may not reopen until the fall. Many Districts are sending Prior Written Notice’s explaining services will not be provided during school closures.

Is there something you should do right now?

Absolutely, spend time with your family, stay safe, and stay informed! Remember everyone is in this together. A sudden shift in our routines makes for very big transitions that are hard on kids and adults. This is difficult when there is so much unknown. You can get good information from Federal and State Government websites like the California Department of Education (www.cdc.gov) and your local school district. 

Stay tuned for some free webinars on special education!

We take pride in providing families with the resources and tools to successfully advocate on behalf of their children. We will continue to provide free parent training online in the coming weeks. Our webinars will allow you to learn more about special education from your home. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and sign-ups!

Visit your local school district’s website! In the last week a lot of school districts have put up resources for families to use while we are under quarantine. The information is quite extensive and very useful. It is great to see how quickly these resources came together. Check out Poway Unified School District and San Diego Unified School District’s online resources!

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