MANDATORY Informational Session

ACT-SO Showcase Goes On — Online, That Is

We have received guidance from ACT-SO National as to how we can hold an online competition. It will be very different in some ways from prior years, but it will still celebrate the achievements of our amazing students, and will still allow them to win scholarships and a chance to compete at a national level.

There will be a MANDATORY INFORMATIONAL SESSION, also via Zoom.  Details:


5pm – 6pm
Wednesday April 29th, 2020

During this informational session, we will give you details about how this year’s Showcase is going to work, and requirements placed on our competition by our National organization.  Some of these requirements include:

  • No spectators allowed in the Showcase, and no recordings
  • Competitors must be alone while competing; no one else may be in the room
  • The Zoom application must be used (it is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android)
  • Audio and video must be on at all times

Please ensure that you are able to use Zoom in advance of the mandatory informational session; instructions are available should you need them.  Everyone is welcome to join the informational session; competitors must attend but guardians and other interested parties are encouraged to attend.

COMPETITORS MUST ATTEND THE INFORMATIONAL SESSION in order to compete.  If you absolutely cannot attend on Wednesday evening, please get in touch ASAP.

If you have questions in advance of the informational session, please write [email protected].

Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday!

The competitions will be held:

Saturday May 23rd, 2020
Saturday May 30th, 2020
• Written Poetry
Performing Arts
• Poetry Performance
• Contemporary Vocal Music
• Contemporary Instrumental Music
• Classical Instrumental Music
Visual Arts
• Painting
• Photography
• Filmmaking
• Medicine and Health
• Mathematics
• Computer Science
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