Teachers Needed for Study on Expulsions


I am seeking volunteers to take part in a study as part of a requirement to complete my doctoral program at Walden University.  I am interested in understanding how teachers in the California public school system perceive the impact of expulsion from high school influenced the post-expulsion education decision of minority males of color as compared to their White male counterparts.  

PARTICIPATION:  Voluntary and there will be a $10 gift card for compensation for participation in this study whether you complete or do not complete all or part of the surveys, or you decide to discontinue participation entirely.  You do not have to provide any personal identifying information outside of your email address and phone number and data will only be reported in a consensus aggregate.  Your participation is confidential, and no one will know you participated or be able to connect any response to a specific participant. 


Participation Criterion

  • Currently a credentialed teacher in a California Public High School (grades 9-12)
  • 5 years or more experience teaching in one or a combination of those grades
  • Personal experience talking with/counseling expelled students about the pros and cons of not completing their education

As a prospective participant, once you contact me, I will provide additional information on the study, answer any additional questions you may have, verify your eligibility, ask for contact information (i.e., telephone and email), and send you a Consent form to the email provided.  If you elect to participate, please return the Consent form with the words “I Consent” and it will be used to document your voluntary participation and understanding of your meeting the eligibility.  Once the Consent form is received, I will send you the survey link which means that you have been accepted as a participant.   This study will use the Delphi technique and will involve three iterations of surveys. The initial survey of 6 questions, will be followed by two follow-on surveys that you will be asked to complete. The three surveys are estimated to take a combination of approximately 40 minutes each. You may withdraw and not complete the survey(s) at any time. 

 For more information about this study, or to volunteer, please contact: Melvin Shepard (Walden University Doctoral Student in Public Policy and Administration) at 619-942-3448 or Email: [email protected]