May 8, 2020

The impact of the Covid-19 epidemic has given us all time to reflect on life in general.  We have all been required to do things that at times were difficult and out of the ordinary.  However, one area that most families had in common was that of  balancing their budgets to make ends meet.  We had to cut back on non-essentials to feed our families and pay our bills.  And we did just that!

It seems incomprehensible for the SDUSD to send out a memo on April 19 to site leaders stating: “Recently, it was brought to the attention of the Area Superintendents and the district Executive Cabinet that there are some site/district budgets that are not balanced.  This means that some sites/departments have budgets that are over/under budget.  The purpose of this memo is to share a reality of our budgetary process that is impacting our district budget”.  The last comment reads; “If it is determined that a leader has not been responsible in their budgetary leadership possible disciplinary action may be considered.”  

The school board continues to BEG our community for more and more Prop money every single year to balance their over-spent budget.   The Superintendent adds more administrative positions to her budget each year and the school board approves these positions.  These are NOT teaching positions.  They are positions that are created by the Superintendent to do her job for her while she galivants off to Sacramento or wherever to promote herself.   Records requests prove that she is just not on-site doing her job.  Is it any wonder our district continues to run in the RED every year?  Why has there been NO disciplinary action for the superintendent and/or her cabinet?   

 The role of the Area Superintendent has many functions.   One of the prime responsibilities of this group is to ensure that each and every site has a balanced budget.  That budget then goes to the school board for approval.  This happens every year around February/March.  It now becomes apparent from this memo, that the Area Superintendents along with the Superintendent and the school board are not doing their job!   Not only this year, but every year Superintendent Marten has been in “charge” because this district has been financially insolvent.  

As a community we are expected to do our part and budget our homes accordingly.  We expect nothing less from our school district.  

Francine Maxwell, President
NAACP San Diego Branch