ACT-SO Results to be Announced

ACT-SO had its first day of competition on Saturday, May 23rd, over Zoom, with both Humanities and Performing Arts competitions. We’re excited to say that $2400 in scholarship prizes were earned that first day alone! You’ll have to attend our announcement on Sunday at 5pm to find out who earned which prizes.

ACT-SO’s 2nd day of competition was be May 30th, again over zoom. We will did Visual Arts and STEM on that day, and another $2200 in scholarships was earened.

We’d like to give a big thanks to May 23rd’s competitors, Sherwin, Loba, Tracee and Eryn, and last Saturday’s judges, Buki, Darwin, Ryn, Tomas, Shardie and Dennis.

Thanks as well to May 30th’s competitors, Joshua, Andrew and Eryn (again!), and last Saturday’s judges, Ryn (again!), Scott, Jasmine, Debashis, Ken, Ellen, Gail, Anya, Richard and Lewis.

Join us at 5pm on May31st to hear the exciting results:

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