The NAACP San Diego Branch has not received the required authorization from National NAACP to organize a march to condemn the  murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN.  Branch bylaws require written approval from the “President and CEO and General Counsel” of the NAACP.  The Branch is, however, already proceeding under its bylaws to take appropriate action to respond to this outrage; you will see the fruits of this action in the coming weeks.

San Diego Branch joins the country in support of the family of George Floyd in this time of sorrow.  We continue to condemn the criminal actions of the Minneapolis police officers, and we demand swift and certain justice for the officers who deprived Floyd of his life and rights.  We share the great sense of loss and outrage this murder has triggered in people of good will.

The murder of George Floyd is the latest incident in years of police misconduct; what sets it apart is the graphic evidence of this crime. We cannot forget other recent deaths or the years and years of mistreatment of communities of color.

National NAACP is conducting the #WeAreDoneDying campaign which advocates policy initiatives on several fronts: justice for George Floyd; criminal justice policy demands, including safely reducing the prison population; economic policy demands and health policy demands. The NAACP San Diego Branch urges you to go to to add you voice to these demands.

Keep George Floyd and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Brian A. Bonner
First Vice President
NAACP San Diego Branch