Our 2020 ACT-SO Olympians

We couldn’t be prouder of our 2020 ACT-SO Olympians!

This has been a very difficult year for so many reasons. Let us stop, though, and look at the accomplishments of our ACT-SO Olympians in the midst of it all!

This year, we have three Gold winners; Eryn (Painting and Filmmaking), Loba (Classical Musical Instrument) and Sherwin (Contemporary Musical Instrument.) They will go on to compete in the national ACT-SO competition in July over Zoom.

Sherwin also took home a Silver (Written Poetry) and a Bronze (Classical Musical Instrument), and Eryn earned a Silver (Contemporary Vocal) as well.

Joshua scored a double Silver (Photography and Computer Science), and Tracee netted a Bronze (Contemporary Vocal.)

Finally, Precious earned high praise from our judges for her written poetry, even if she is not quite old enough yet to formally compete.

Please give these kids a (virtual) round of applause. Also, please consider donating to ACT-SO or volunteering with our ACT-SO Committee, so that we can attract, enrich, celebrate and reward even more students next ACT-SO season!

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