San Diego Police Officers Shoot Fleeing Suspect

June 28, 2020

Yesterday, officers (whom the SDPD has declined to name) shot a man (whom the SDPD has also declined to name) in the Core-Columbia neighborhood of San Diego.  The NAACP San Diego Branch offers its thoughts and prayers to this man, his family and friends.

The entire incident was captured on video.  We expect SB 1421 and AB 748, both of which mandate prompt release of video evidence and officer records, to be promptly obeyed by the SDPD.  What these bills both say, and what we strongly believe, is that transparency and accountability are the cornerstone of rebuilding trust between law enforcement and the public it is supposed to serve.

So far, the San Diego Police Department has released only still pictures from a video that could have been released in its entirety, along with their explanation of what occurred.  This video could show and the public could hear that the de-escalation policy was upheld, and this was not another case of excessive use of force.

Now is not the time to temporize and withhold and spin in an effort to sell a pre-determined narrative.  Now is time to show bold leadership and come clean with the public.  We will be watching very closely.

Francine Maxwell, President
NAACP San Diego Branch