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Please note the following General Membership meetings of the NAACP San Diego Branch, for the purpose of election of officers and at-large members of the executive committee.

1. At 6pm on September 3rd, 2020 on there will be an election of the Nominating Committee (between 5-15 members). All members whose memberships are current as of 30 days prior to the meeting date may be elected to the Nominating Committee (not more than 2 being officers of the unit).

2. At 6pm on October 1st, 2020 on, there will be a report of the Nominating Committee, receipt of Nominations by Petition, and election of the Election Supervisory Committee. All members whose memberships are current as of May 1st of the election year, whose memberships have remained continuous throughout the election process, and who live and/or work within the unit’s jurisdiction, may be nominated for office or as an at-large member of the Executive Committee. In order to sign a nominating petition, or be elected to the Election Supervisory Committee, a member must be current as of 30 days prior to the October meeting.

3. On November 12th, 2020, the election of officers and at-large members of the Executive Committee will take place online; see for details.  Polls will open from 4pm to 9pm. In order to vote in a Branch election, one must be a member in good standing of the Branch 30 days prior to the election. A form of identification is required.

Should a run-off election be necessary that election shall occur on November 19th, 2020 from 4-9pm.

We look forward to your participation in these activities.

Not a member?  Need to renew?

Visit or mail your check by October 12th to:

NAACP San Diego Branch
PO Box 152086
San Diego CA 92195-2086

To be eligible to vote in our Branch, you must live or work in our “jurisdiction,” which is San Diego County south of the 56 freeway. Members in good standing will by now have received an email if their address of record is not in our jurisdiction. If you have moved or if you work south of the 56, please email

Questions?  Email or call 619-431-1633