November 5th General Membership Meeting


One of the things we did at our October 1st meeting was decide to use ElectionBuddy to run our election. The next day, we found out that National will be providing ElectionBuddy to Branches, so we won’t incur any expense for its use.

The Election Supervisory Committee

The function of the Election Supervisory Committee is to run the actual election. The following members were elected to this year’s Election Supervisory Committee:

Additionally, each of the Presidential Candidates is allowed to appoint a member to the Election Supervisory Committee. Those appointments were:

These folks will not only set up the software, but they will be available to help folks who have difficulty using ElectionBuddy during the election.

Also involved in the election will be the Secretary and a set of Watchers & Observers appointed by the Presidential candidates.

If you have questions about the election process, you may reach them with an email to:

The Candidates

The following members were nominated as candidates for our November 12th election:


  • Francine Maxwell
  • Kenya Taylor

First Vice President:

  • Brian Bonner
  • Donald Moore

Second Vice President:

  • Philip Liburd


  • Delfina Gonzalez

Assistant Secretary:

  • Diane Langworthy


  • Hakim Alaji

Assistant Treasurer:

  • Jennifer Porter

At-Large Members of the Executive Committee

  • Dr Robert Lee Brown
  • Althea Dougherty
  • Letitia Flynn
  • Tariq Harris
  • Wiley Lane III
  • Derrick Luckett
  • Brittany McKnight
  • Sonja Robinson
  • Michael Thomas
  • Dr Leonard Thompson III
  • Tommi Whitehurst
  • Donte Wyatt

Email Up to Date?

It will be easiest for you to vote if we have your correct email address. If you are not receiving our newsletter, now would be a good time for you to update your email address. Just send email to

October 13th: Membership Deadline!

In order to vote in this year’s election, you must be a member in good standing of the NAACP San Diego Branch (#1063) by October 13th, and live or work in the Branch’s jurisdiction (south of the 56.)

If you have any questions about your membership or eligibility, please write

Remember 12 November!

Our election will take place from 4-9pm on November 12th.