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Probation Acronymns

  • YDSS- Youth Division Support Services 
    • This division works with youth and their families in following national juvenile justice models of success by building our juvenile justice system on a rehabilitative, therapeutic platform.
  • JPC- Juvenile Probation Center
    • The Juvenile Probation Center, is part of the Probation Department which is governed by the County of San Diego. The Probation Department assists in reducing crime, and assists victims through client accountability, and rehabilitative services. The staff supervises both juvenile and Adults in the community, and provides clients with positive alternatives.
  • DCU- Detention Control Unit
    • Specialized unit within Kearny Mesa Juvenile Hall who assist in screening and determination of detention suitability while matching youth with the right level and intensity of services in a trauma-informed approach.
  • JT- Jurisdictional Transfer
    • Jurisdictional Transfer is mandatory when a probation or mandatory supervision client states their intention to reside or remain in a different county for the remainder of their period of supervision (SB 431). 
  • YICPM – Youth in Custody Practice Model
    • Practical top-to-bottom guide designed to help system partners align core, research-based principles with everyday practice and achieve positive outcomes for youth, families, staff, and communities.
  • EMJDF – East Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility
    • Detention Facility located in Otay Mesa.  Houses youth male clients
  • KMJDF – Kearny Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility
    • Detention Facility centrally located in Kearny Mesa.  Houses youth clients (males and females)
  • UC – Urban Camp
    • Homelike custodial setting located adjacent to KMJDF
  • CTC-Community Transition Center
    • Assessment center which provides services for clients upon re-entry back into the community after incarceration.  Probation, along with its partners, are helping to change lives for the better and help get people back on the right track at the center.
  • AB109
    • Assembly Bill 109 established the California Safety Realignment Act which allowed offenders who’s instant offense was considered non-violent, non-serious and non sex offense to be released from the CA state prison and subsequently be supervised at the local county level.  These offenders are also the low risk sex registrants and supervised by the Post Release Community Supervision.
  • PRCS-Post Release Community Supervision
    • Offenders released from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to county level supervision will be supervised on Post Release Community Supervision and supervised by Probation Officers
  • MS-Mandatory Supervision
    • These offenders are those that receive split sentencing.  They will serve their sentence between local jail and supervision and are supervised by a Probation Officer after release from County jail.