October 12, 2020


So here we go again — the politics of education are rearing their ugly heads — this time in the Sweetwater School District. The district is proposing naming a new superintendent without any input from the community whose children are attending the schools. This scenario is only too familiar, as San Diego Unified School district played the same game with the current Superintendent, Cindy Marten. The story they fabricated on how she was appointed was nothing short of a blatant lie to the public. Her credentials, work ethic and knowledge of running an entire school district has been a sham from day one.

Sweetwater, RISE UP! Do not let your students, community and teachers be led by Mr. Moises Aguirre, who does not even possess a teaching or administrative credential! Mr. Aguirre was run out of San Diego Unified for corruption and deceit. He lied on behalf of the San Diego Unified School Board Member, Richard Barrera, in a case involving inappropriate teacher/student relationships. 

Now the Sweetwater school board wants to appoint him as the new Interim Superintendent without any regard to other qualified candidates who hold the proper credentials. There are currently no policies or procedures in place for the length of time someone can be “acting” superintendent. Therefore, Mr. Aguirre could be “Interim Superintendent” for a very long time. (It should also be noted that one of the Sweetwater board members is the Godfather of one of Mr. Aguirre’s children. Nepotism at its finest!)

The financial status of the Sweetwater district is still not solvent. Appointing a person strongly suspected of outright lies to protect board members as leader for this district is a crime. Does the Board of Education in Sweetwater want an unqualified Superintendent, like Cindy Marten, to be the face of the district while they run the district into the ground?

Sweetwater, RISE UP! Stop this outright corruption before it begins. Contact the San Diego County Office of Education Superintendent, Dr Paul Gothold (paul.gothold@sdcoe.net) immediately and demand that a fair and just process occur to appoint the next superintendent. It is your right to have a leader who not only worked in education, but understands what students need to attain greatness. The students, community and teachers deserve only the best, and Mr. Aguirre is far, far from that.

Francine Maxwell, President
NAACP San Diego Branch