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2020 NAACP San Diego Branch Election Results

The NAACP San Diego Branch held its election last night via ElectionBuddy.  It went reasonably smoothly; 277 members voted, and approximately 30 of those called in to the Election Supervisory Committee for assistance.  Three errors were discovered in the membership roster, but those folks were enabled to vote through the quick thinking of the Election Supervisory Committee.

For comparison, fewer than 30 people voted in the 2018 Branch Election.

You may view the results of 275 voters by following the same link you were sent to do your voting.  However, because accommodations had to be made for two of the membership errors, the online vote differs just slightly from the numbers below.  These additional votes did not affect the outcome.

We congratulate the winners and thank all the candidates for their service and their efforts.  We look forward to working with everyone to move the needle for Civil Rights in San Diego and beyond.