December 14, 2020

Mayor Todd Gloria
City Administration Building
11th Floor
202 C Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Re: Award of ambulance contract to Falck

Dear Mayor Gloria,

The NAACP San Diego Branch would like to express our strong support for the City’s decision to award the emergency ambulance services contract to Falck. The City of San Diego’s history with emergency ambulance service providers is long and troublesome. The contract for these services has not been bid out in over 20 years as the City has continuously been forced into providing extensions to its current provider, including the most recent extension approved last year in order to give the City time to complete the RFP process.

During this time, San Diegans have continuously had their health jeopardized due to delayed response times and our most vulnerable communities have suffered the most under the current system as demonstrated by years of response time data. Improvements to that system have been few and far between. Instead of adding additional ambulances to help bolster response times, the City made the decision to reduce the number of compliance zones, making it easier to avoid the appearance of service delays by letting good response times in some communities balance out poor response times in others.

It is time for the City to make the right choice and move forward in a new direction. Maintaining the status quo will not result in improved service for San Diegans and the City cannot continue to make the same mistakes over and over through endless contract extensions. Falck has now won two RFP’s to provide the City’s emergency ambulance services which means they have won this contract two more times than the incumbent ever has since they bought out the former provider and have never gone out to bid since.

San Diegans should expect to have equitable service delivery no matter what community they live in and the City has an obligation to ensure that public health and safety is a priority for all. It’s time for the City to follow through with that obligation and trust the recommendation of two different expert panels of emergency service professionals. The NAACP San Diego Branch supports the decision to award the emergency ambulance services contract to Falck and we urge the City Council to show that they prioritize our public health and safety by approving the contract.

Thank you,

Francine Maxwell, President
NAACP San Diego Branch


  • Honorable Joe LaCava
  • Honorable Jennifer Campbell 
  • Honorable Stephen Whitburn 
  • Honorable Monica Montgomery 
  • Honorable Marni von Wilpert 
  • Honorable Chris Cate 
  • Honorable Raul Campillo 
  • Honorable Vivian Moreno 
  • Honorable Sean Elo-Rivera

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