Theme Recommendations for 2021-2022

For the past term, we’ve been using the theme “Sentry for a Century” to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Branch’s founding, in 1919. Now that we are 102, it’s time to change the theme.

We have previously asked for your recommendations; at the January 7th General Membership Meeting, we will be choosing from among those recommendations:

  • Rise to the Challenge, Answer the Call
  • Same Vision, New Sights
  • Walk through this together
  • We will win together
  • It’s better to make new progress
  • Every Human Every Chance Every Day
  • History in the Making
  • Acknowledge Adjust Applaud
  • The year of having so that we may not lose what we have
  • Empowerment 2021
  • Building on a Strong Foundation
  • United We Stand to Service the People
  • Bending the Arc Toward Justice
  • Proud and True in 22
  • Renew the Struggle in 22
  • A Better View in 22
  • Our Rights are Due by 22
  • Rising to Every Occasion
  • Still fighting for Justice still fighting for you