The NAACP is about changing society for the better.  Sometimes that means taking on a new challenge or changing an old way of doing business.  One way that happens in the NAACP is through resolutions.

Resolutions are official recommendations from NAACP units to the NAACP national organization.  Resolutions are considered at the national convention, which normally takes place in July of each year.  However, to get a resolution considered at the convention, you need to start soon.

Here is the official process (from the NAACP Constitution at

No resolution for change of policy or program of action shall be in order unless it shall have been favorably voted upon at regular legislative meetings of a Unit in good standing, or has been submitted by the President and CEO. The resolutions for policy or program change must be certified by the President and the Secretary of the Unit, and received by the President and CEO in the National Office by May 1st, annually. The Convention shall act on all such proposed program or policy changes during its Legislative Sessions.

That is, our Branch must approve and submit any resolutions we wish to have considered by May 1st, 2021.

If you know of an issue that you think needs to be addressed nationally, or if you think there need to be changes to the constitution or bylaws, start thinking about it now!