Jan 14, 2021

Fran Butler-Cohen
Family Health Centers of San Diego
823 Gateway Center Way
San Diego, California 92102

Dear Mrs Butler-Cohen,

The NAACP San Diego branch requires your immediate assistance with a pressing issue which you may not be fully aware of.

Rather than much needed hospitals, the 4th district must rely on your Family Health Centers of San Diego clinics for healthcare. None offer sufficient after-hour or urgent care services. As such, our citizens are left without access to much-needed health care. This has left many to resort to reaching outside of our community for services, where they are faced with long waits to be seen, or even worse, turned away.

The urgency of the situation is compounded upon the fact that many residents in the 4th district have been deemed to be essential workers and cannot work remotely from home. As such, Covid-19 numbers remain higher in poverty-stricken areas of San Diego where they cannot even get proper health care.

There are only a handful of hospitals in our area where your clinics are prominently located throughout southeastern San Diego. Your clinics and urgent care centers are vital in keeping our community healthier in a time when they are needed most.

Being one of the largest privately owned healthcare providers in San Diego, it is important that we have a strong working relationship with you where the impact benefits those who are most in need of your services. Family Health Care Centers of San Diego must provide expanded services and hours that would help us gain the upper hand with Covid-19 in district 4.

The NAACP San Diego branch requests a workforce diversity study be done regarding your employees. The study needs to be completed and returned to us by the 28th of January 2021.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We look forward to working alongside you as you lead by example in our community.


Wiley Lane III

Chairman Economic Development Committee
NAACP San Diego Branch

PO Box 152086
San Diego CA 92195

(619) 431-1633 Phone/Text

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