Jan 26: ACT-SO Mentor Orientation

Join us at 7pm on January 26th for an introduction to mentoring high school kids in our ACT-SO Program.

In this orientation, we’ll explain briefly how the ACT-SO program works, cover the requirements, responsibilities, and rewards of mentoring African-American high school students, and answer your questions. This event is for folks who are already signed up and/or who are just interested.

To learn more about the program, visit our home page: sandiegonaacp.org/actso

To sign up to volunteer (mentor, judge, committee member, etc), visit sandiegonaacp.org/actso-volunteer

At the time of the event, join via sandiegonaacp.org/actso-zoom

Zoom Requirements

For the safety of all attendees, we require the following from participants in our meetings:

  • Have a (paid or) free Zoom account and log in to it before attending
  • Use a current recognizable photo of their face as the profile picture
  • Use their legal first and last names on their profile

For help on setting up zoom, please see sandiegonaacp.org/zoom-setup

At the time of the orientation, anyone can join by visiting:

Home Page