Promising Steps in La Mesa

March 6, 2021

Last May, we wrote of the arrest of Amaurie Johnson by then La Mesa Police Officer Matt Dages.  While Mr Johnson was released without charges, Matt Dages was fired and is facing a criminal prosecution for his actions.  Now, Dages is suing the City of La Mesa for reinstatement, back pay, and damages.

Nothing in the intervening months has changed our opinions regarding the video evidence, which to our eyes show a level of aggression and domination that has no place in policing.

We applaud the residents of La Mesa for their increased involvement and activism.  We are warmed to see they are feeling included by the City and they appreciate the support they’ve gotten to help them learn their rights and become civically engaged. Their engagement has resulted in a new Community Police Oversight Board and a nationwide Police Chief search; things that have been out of reach for so many of our residents.

We are glad to see promising steps in the right direction for La Mesa, and believe that Dages’ lawsuit will be found entirely without merit.

Francine Maxwell, President
NAACP San Diego Branch


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