Our May 6th General Membership Meeting Meeting was held online via Zoom.

Zoom link: sandiegonaacp.org/zoom

San Diego City Council District 6 candidates will introduce themselves.

Joel Day

Dr. Joel Day studied political science at Point Loma Nazarene University and took a Masters of Arts in International Relations at University of San Diego, before earning a PhD in International Politics and Comparative Government at the University of Denver.

Joel served in multiple roles at San Diego City Hall. As a city department director managing community engagement, public safety and police oversight, Joel coordinated the City’s efforts to adopt binding police reforms during the Black Lives Matters movement.

 As an advisor on international affairs and combating white nationalism, Joel spearheaded the “WelcomingSD” initiative to support immigrants and refugees. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Joel stepped up to lead the city response, focusing on getting vulnerable

 neighbors healthcare and off the streets, protecting critical city infrastructure, and extending support for struggling families.

Joel is currently a Lecturer for the School of Global Policy and Strategy at the University of California San Diego. He and his wife Lauren, and their two sons, Bobby and Wesley, live in Clairemont Mesa.

Nicole Crosby

Fought for change with Kamala Harris. Advocating for our most vulnerable as a Chief Deputy City Attorney. Nicole was raised in California by a hospital clerk and a cable guy. She learned at an early age the values of education, hard work, and giving back to the community. Got her first job at 15 stocking shelves at a mom-and-pop toy store. She served food at a pizza restaurant to put herself through UC Davis. She worked as a congressional intern and earned her law degree from Golden Gate University. Nicole took a job as Assistant District Attorney under then-San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, where she stood up for domestic abuse victims, especially non-English speakers, guiding them through the court process.

Nicole joined the San Diego City Attorney’s office as a prosecutor in 2014, where she held domestic abusers and sexual predators accountable, working her way up to become the first woman to build and lead the office’s Gun Violence Restraining Order Program that keeps firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals, domestic abusers, and those who are a threat to themselves or others. Nicole has earned a reputation as one of California’s strongest and most innovative advocates for ensuring homeless individuals suffering from mental illness and addiction, as well as seniors and dependent adults, often targets for fraud and abuse, have access to the services, shelter and protection they deserve. Nicole served on the San Diego Unified School District Multi-Agency Task Force, where she worked to protect our kids from sexual harassment and abuse.

She is running to lead change in a bureaucratic machine that can easily stagnate, along with creating a safer vibrant city that her daughter Audrey and all of our children – the young ones and old ones – are proud to call home.

Nicole and her husband Josh live in the Clairemont Mesa West neighborhood, where they’re raising the daughter.

Tommy Hough

A San Diego County Planning Commissioner and the founder of San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action, Tommy Hough first arrived in San Diego 19 years ago as part of the original airstaff at radio station FM 94/9, and was later on the air at 102.1 KPRI and 91X. Tommy has also worked as a reporter and editor with Public News Service, and as an environmental advocate managing communications at the San Diego County chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, and now in his current position as coordinator with the ReWild Mission Bay campaign via the San Diego Audubon Society. Active in San Diego Democratic Party politics for the last 10 years, Tommy was the endorsed Democratic candidate for the San Diego City Council District 6 seat in 2018, and is running for the seat again in 2022.

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