Seriously? *Who* is in charge?


May 19, 2021

In a recent Zoom meeting with principals, the San Diego Unified School District offered ANY credentialed staff, including counselors, if they would like to be a “principal” for summer school.   This offer strongly validates the incompetence of the current school board members.   Let me explain:

  • A principal must hold a valid California Administrators Credential, period.

  • A principal is responsible for the well-being of EVERY member of the school site.

  • A principal takes many courses to explain how to run a site, be responsible for their staff members and student body and how to act/react in the event of an emergency situation.

This does not demean the capabilities of a staff member.  It simply states that the role of principal is critical to the safety and security of the site for which they are responsible.  Suppose School “X” deems Teacher Jones as Principal for the summer.  In the event of an emergency situation (student hurt, coming to school under the influence, custody battle, or even improper class placement) the teacher who does not understand the ramifications of improper reactions and makes a wrong decision, will have a VERY strong union to back them up on their error.  The parent of said student will have (and should have) every lawyer possible to sue the district for not having the legally credentialed administrator to make proper decisions for students.  It is almost laughable to think our school board could come up with such a preposterous suggestion and ignore the ramifications of poor decisions made by a teacher who has never had the experience nor the training to run a school site.  

What will it take for the parents of the San Diego Unified School District to understand that Richard Barrera and company do NOT care for the safety and security of our students?  The only thing they care about is keeping the teachers’ union happy and giving teachers whatever they ask for on any given day. 

One can only shake one’s head in disbelief at the rationale for this decision made by this school board.  What a slap in the face to the current principals who work so hard to make our district shine without so much as giving them the respect they deserve from this school board.  What’s next?   Anybody can be a nurse for the summer?


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