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Support for Mobile Crisis Response Teams

June 10, 2021

Re: Support for MCRT expansion

In February 2021 San Diego County launched a psychiatric crisis response program in the North County called Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT).  The MCRT is staffed by clinicians and peer specialists as first responders, while PERT (Psychiatric Emergency Response Team) which is staffed with clinicians and law enforcement. 

This MCRT program has been a long-time dream for individuals living with mental health challenges and their family/loved ones who often must make those calls for crisis care.  It has been proven over time that law enforcement presence on these types of calls can often escalate an already heightened emotional situation. 

We urgently desire to see this MCRT program expanded into all areas of San Diego County, and request approval of the expansion.

At the same time, we have identified areas of concern that we would like to ensure are addressed:

  • Community outreach and training will be necessary to inform communities that MCRT is available and should be reached by a separate number

  • 911 dispatch training will be critical during the introduction period to best direct cases to MCRT, PERT, or law enforcement

  • Training and rollout should be done in an equitable manner, with special regard for communities whose negative experiences with law enforcement make them most reluctant to call for aid

  • Schedule and staffing levels should be adequate to make MCRT a real option for families with members in crisis



Anita Fisher
NAACP San Diego Branch Criminal Justice Committee


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