June 21, 2021

Re: Racism Evident in the Coronado High School Basketball Program

On June 19, 2021, while we all celebrated the first national recognition of the Emancipation of Slavery which undeniably is one of the biggest atrocities and injustices to occur over 154 years, Coronado High School (CHS) players did the unthinkable.

CHS players, community members and parents threw tortillas at Orange Glen High School players, racist actions that do not represent San Diego nor the America we want all people to love, value and appreciate.

Let’s be honest. The distasteful act of tortilla throwing at a basketball game uncovers deep social inequities that are fueled by racism.  From marginalizing and dehumanizing groups of “others” based on income and inequality to the Coronado Unified School District Board of Education and community not fully supporting Superintendent Mueller for confronting racism head on, including anti-Blackness, Coronado must stop turning a blind eye to racial microaggressions and, in this case, macroaggressions that continue to traumatize students of color within the district and throughout the county.

This is 2021, but incidents like this latest affront to decency remind us that we have not progressed as a society as much as we all would like to believe. 

Furthermore, we are extremely concerned that the coaches on both teams modeled inappropriate behavior and specifically, that CHS parents and two players threw tortillas at Orange Glen players. NAACP San Diego Branch recommends that the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) take the following actions after its review of incident reports:

  • Either Coronado sharing the CIF Title with Orange Glen or CIF stripping the Coronado High School Basketball team of its Regional title;

  • Banning the two players who threw tortillas from playing on Coronado High School’s team;

  • Banning the Coronado HS Coach from coaching high school sports for at least one year; 

  • Implementing upstander training and restorative healing circles for both teams, coaches and parents (training conducted by the NAACP San Diego Branch and its partners); 

  • BANNING the parent(s) who brought the tortillas from all games for all sports; and

  • Requiring Coronado High School to monitor the behavior of its players and fans to assure they do not harass visiting players and fans during any competition.

NAACP San Diego Branch also recommends that the Coronado Unified School District Board of Education, in collaboration with Superintendent Mueller, institute an ongoing program of restorative healing and cultural competence to instill respect for all people no matter their background or station in life. 

Francine Maxwell, President

Katrina Hasan Hamilton, Education Chair

NAACP San Diego Branch

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