County Department of Homeless Solutions and Equitable Communities

As of July 1st, the Health and Human Services Agency has established a new department and four offices. The Department of Homeless Solutions and Equitable Communities will focus on achieving better coordination of existing and new County homeless and equitable community efforts and serve as a central point of collaboration for outside partners to ensure equity among all San Diegans and reduce homelessness in the region.


The new department will be led by the Community Operations Officer, Barbara Jiménez and will oversee the following four offices:  

  • Office of Homeless Solutions
    • Director: Omar Passons
    • Focus: Programs and services leveraging existing regional partnerships and working with cross-sector community stakeholders to prevent, reduce, and eliminate homeless in our region.
  • Office of Equitable Communities
    • Director: Jennifer Bransford-Koons
    • Focus: Upstream prevention and interventions promoting economic inclusion and poverty reduction. It will build upon the regional model to enhance partnership engagement and collaboration through the regional Leadership Teams.
  • Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs
    • Director: TBD
    • Focus:  Building on existing refugee programs and establishing a priority of devoting County resources to the immigrant population, regardless of immigration status.  It will provide a central location for public questions and connection to county and community resources.
  • Office of Strategy and Innovation
    • Director: Carey Riccitelli
    • Focus: Supporting all Agency departments and the County’s Live Well San Diego vision as well as providing critical data and policy analysis, strategic planning support, communications management and community partnerships development
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