Insurrectionists in the SDPD?

Office of San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria
202 C Street, 11th Floor
San Diego, CA 92101


Dear Mayor Todd Gloria,

The NAACP San Diego Branch is gravely concerned by a recent leaked post (see attached) on the Police Officers’ Association forum reputedly made by a San Diego Police Officer, in regards to masking and vaccinations. This post mentions 2nd Amendment rights, alleges there would be support of hundreds of officers in resisting the lawful government of our City and State. In the strongest possible terms, the NAACP San Diego Branch condemns all types of rhetoric from public officials that might inspire insurrections or threatens public safety. 

As of August 11th, The San Diego County has reported 1,134 new cases of COVID-19. And as the number of new infections exponentially rise in our country, this type of rhetoric tells the nation and the world that our San Diego Law Enforcement are willing to put lives at stake in our communities of color, by taking this vitriolic stance, and violating their sworn oath to protect and serve the citizens of San Diego. We sincerely hope that there are not actually 100-500 officers who feel this way but even one is too many. 

We were told by the Police Department that they have no plans regarding the identification and elimination of extremist and white supremacist elements in their force.  This post is evidence that it is long past time for the Department to develop those plans.

The NAACP San Diego Branch demands an immediate investigation by your Office into the extent to which ideas like these have penetrated our police force, and we demand immediate plans to control and limit the spread.  We will be calling on the FBI San Diego Field Office to open its own investigation into the matter.



Francine Maxwell, President
NAACP San Diego Branch


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