December 10, 2021


Re: Spending Title I Money

In response to the article in the Voice of San Diego regarding Title I monies not spent by the San Diego Unified School District, we would like to offer the following ideas to improve spending for students:

  1. Let schools that are not designated Title I schools receive the money for every Title I student they have at their site.  Schools that have Title I students either bussed from other areas or in their own neighborhoods cannot receive the assistance they need without extra support.  Having the money follow the student supports the student and gives the school the monies to have programs that will enhance the education of the students.
  2. Sites that do not know how to use all of their Title I money need an advocate to educate them on how to do this!  The advocate can be paid from the district-wide Title I money.  This will only help support students, which is what the money is all about.
  3. Input from parents is crucial in the process, but must keep in mind the guidelines that come with the money. Ideas that the community brings to the table can help educators understand what their needs are and how to address them.  Perhaps some of their spending ideas have not been considered from the site?

It is almost unfathomable to think that sites are not creative enough to spend money for students, when all you ever hear from the District is “we need more money.”  Or is the District just interested in money for teachers’ salaries, not direct student benefit?

Francine Maxwell, President
NAACP San Diego Branch


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San Diego CA 92195

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