January 8, 2022

Dear Mayor Gloria,


The NAACP San Diego Branch is deeply concerned about the environmental and health impact the ongoing trash and recycling collection delay is having on the citizens of Chula Vista, City of San Diego, and nearby unincorporated county areas due to Republic Services and the Teamsters Local 542 failure to resolve their labor dispute and reach an agreement for employees to return to work.    


After three weeks of no collections, some residents have resorted to hauling their trash to nearby apartment complex dumpsters.  This practice unfairly impacts those residents as trash is piling up there at an increased rate.  Others have resorted to taking their trash to local landfills in Otay and Sycamore.  While there is no cost for dumpling trash at the landfill (with proper paperwork), there is the expense of time and resources.


According to CalRecycle, landfills account for 20% of the state’s methane, a climate super pollutant.  Exposure to these greenhouse emissions drive up asthma reactions in areas located near landfills.  Additionally, the increased number of vehicles making the trip to the landfill and the increase times vehicles spend in waiting lines results in unnecessary exhaust emissions and odors that adversely impact the health and wellbeing of the citizens.


Therefore, the NAACP San Diego branch calls upon Mayor Todd Gloria and the leadership of San Diego County to immediately implement temporary measures to mitigate the environmental and health impacts this delay in trash and recycling is having on our citizens.  Such actions would alleviate a growing public health and environmental concern and allow for a timely resolve between the two negotiating parties.



Brian Bonner, President
NAACP San Diego Branch

If you need more information about the NAACP San Diego Branch, please visit sandiegonaacp.org/presskit

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