As you know, the NAACP San Diego Branch is involved in a lawsuit to fight the San Diego Housing Commission’s discriminatory and segregationist practice of setting Section 8 voucher levels too low to allow access to all areas of our city.

Low-income folks are a positive asset to a neighborhood when that neighborhood is doing well. They become part of the community, they participate in life, and their labor and presence helps the community thrive. It’s when low-income folks are forced to live all in one place that there is trouble; when nobody has much money, there’s no way for that neighborhood to thrive.

If we build a truly fair housing system, that lets low-income folks live throughout our city, they will do better and all our neighborhoods will do better.

There will be a hearing on September 13th at 10:30 a.m. in Department 66 at 330 W. Broadway (the Hall of Justice), to determine whether or not the SDHC will be required to let us look at their records so we can see fully into how they have behaved. Your support would be very much appreciated at this hearing!

It is important to RSVP if you plan to attend, so we can notify you of any last minute changes. Please check your mail before setting out for the hearing to make sure the Court hasn’t change it again.

We are very grateful to those of you who came out for our Press Conference; it got the media interested. Make no mistake; regardless of attorneys or judges or laws or motions or rulings, public opinion MATTERS. If YOU show up and YOU show you CARE about what they’re doing to low-income people and the neighborhoods the SDHC forces them to live in, our local government WILL take notice!

Photo: Robert Tambuzzi

NAACP San Diego Joins Lawsuit Against San Diego Housing Commission’s Racial Segregation Policies – Voice and Viewpoint

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