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Member-Owned Local Small Business Directory

We at the NAACP San Diego support strongly the NAACP’s belief that Economic Sustainability is a game-changer for the 21st Century. We believe that African-Americans and other people of color should share fairly in economic growth and development.
Our economy is in turmoil. The wealthy few are wealthier than ever before, and the rest of us are all too often sliding down the economic ladder. Good jobs, that allow workers their fair share of profits, are less and less available than ever. The economic ladder is being pulled away before most people of color have even climbed to the middle, much less the top.
One way we can fight this trend is by supporting small business ownership in our communities. To this end, the NAACP San Diego has a Member-Owned Local Small Business Directory on our website. Any NAACP member who is sole proprietor of a business here in the San Diego area is eligible for a listing, free of charge.
Each listing will consist of your business name and contact information. We will also note on each listing if the proprietor is African-American (AA), other Person of Color (POC) or Female (F). Those of you with corporate memberships are eligible to design a small advertisement for placement in the directory.
If you know someone who owns a small local business and is NOT currently a member of the NAACP, membership is only $30 per year. Tell them to visit and sign up!
To get your listing in our directory, please fill out our online application.
Full details on the directory may be found here.
We encourage our members to consult the directory and purchase goods and services from other members where possible.

The 40th Annual ACT-SO Competition

The ACT-SO team had a great time at the awards.  It was amazing to see so many African-Americans gathered in one place not to discuss issues or problems, but simply to celebrate the magnificence of African-American youth.

Our local Gold medallist, Jor’Denay, didn’t medal at National despite a stunning performance, but she was chosen over dozens of her peers for one of five speaking roles during the awards ceremony.  She had to rehearse intensely the rest of the weekend, but she made connections and got experience that will serve her well into the future.

NAACP ACT-SO 40th Anniversary

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Senior Housing in Lakeside

12219 Roberts Way, Lakeside CA 92040

Low-income Sr apts, one story in San Diego. Applicants must be 62+. Must not exceed HUD low income limits.

All apps must be completed in full to be eligible for placement on wait list. Placement is based on date & time fully completed app is rcvd.

Business hrs. Mon. thru Fri. 9 am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm
For information
Call: 619-443-2150
Email: [email protected]

Watch: NAACP Supports Independent Police Oversight

On July 11th, NAACP San Diego Branch President André Branch spoke in favor of Women Occupy San Diego’s proposed charter amendment to turn the CRB into the CPP – Commission on Police Practices. The measure passed the Rules Committee on a party line 3-2 vote, and goes on to the full Council, who will decide if it goes on the November ballot.

The fight for more independent oversight of the SDPD isn’t over, but we won this battle.

Jor’Denay Brings Down the House

Our San Diego Gold Winner, Jor’Denay Collier, brought the house down at the 40th NAACP ACT-SO Awards in San Antonio.  She was the final performer of the competition.  Her performance was better even than she displayed in San Diego!  We may be biased, but we thought she was magnificent!

Jor’Denay at ACT-SO National

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NAACP San Diego Supports Hotel Tax Increase for Homeless


Steve Dorner from the Housing Committee communicates the NAACP San Diego Branch’s support of the initiative proposed by Councilmember Alvarez.  This initiative would raise the Transient Occupancy Tax (Hotel Tax) by 1%, and advise the Mayor to dedicate that 1% increase to reducing Homelessness.

Mr Dorner also put the Council on notice that should the measure pass, the NAACP will watch closely to see that the Mayor and Council follow the direction to spend the money on the Homeless.

Watch: NAACP San Diego Supports Affordable Housing Bond

Steve Dorner spoke on July 11th in favor of the $900M bond issue by the San Diego Housing Federation, which would provide 7500 new units of affordable housing. The measure passed the Rules Committee on a party line 3-2 vote, and goes on to the full Council, who will decide if it goes on the November ballot.