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The (2nd) Hangout: Concert at Liberty Station

Let’s get together and hangout at Liberty Station. We will enjoy live music and great company and a few refreshments provided by the NAACP San Diego Branch. We hope to see you there for a little “music and chill” with your community.

Liberty Station Concerts | Liberty Station | San Diego

ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station welcomes the return of Liberty Station Concerts, a wildly popular free concert series inaugurated last year thanks to Season Sponsor Rock Church. The four concerts, presented outdoors on the grassy North Promenade on Sunday evenings, will feature a collection of popular San Diego musicians and acts.

The Hangouts to provide safety (and fun) in numbers, so that we as a black community can enjoy our city, meet one another, and network on a personal and professional level. Liberty Station is being kind enough to provide the movie; the NAACP San Diego will be providing some drinks and snacks. Find us under the canopy with the NAACP banner! ✊?

We hope to see you on July 22nd!  You can RSVP via Facebook, and get notified when it’s time for the Hangout!

*More Hangouts are in the planning stage, including converts, movies, cruises, and more!

**While the Hangouts are planned by and specially for African-Americans, we welcome all people of good will. ????

YOU are Needed to Support Police Reform!

We have sent the attached letter to the City Council, with copies to the press, Chief Nisleit, and Women Occupy San Diego.

We strongly believe that San Diego deserves a truly independent body to oversee issues the community has with the San Diego Police Department.  The Police Department should not be the only agency investigating the Police Department.  The same City Attorney should oversee both the investigation and defense of our Officers; for our good and theirs.  The Mayor should not be able to hobble the body by refusing to make appointments. We see, time and time again, that Police Officers face no consequences for discriminatory and violent acts against African-Americans and others.  It is vital that we have as many tools as possible to hold the Police accountable.

We need true independent oversight of the SDPD.

Here is how you can help: At 1pm on July 11th, the San Diego City Council Rules Committee will take up the Charter Amendment proposed by Women Occupy San Diego. This amendment would make a step toward more independent oversight of the SDPD, by removing the Mayor’s stranglehold, giving the body discretion on what cases it can investigate, and providing independent counsel and investigators. The July 11 meeting is the last opportunity for the committee to move the amendment forward to the full Council, so that it may be placed on the November ballot, and we can all vote on it.

The Police Chief and Police Union will be there; you may guess how they will argue.  We need you to show up at the City Council chambers on the 12th floor of 202 C Street.  We need to show the Committee that people want the opportunity to increase Police accountability.

We know you work.  We know you go to school.  We know, and they know, that taking time out of your day to visit the City Council has a cost.  Allowing oversight of the Police to flag has a very great cost as well.

Please, show up to the City Council at 1pm on July 11th.  You will have friends there.

Whether you can or cannot support us with your physical presence at the July 11th meeting, please write your Councilmember in support of this Amendment.  Many NAACP San Diego members live in Council District 4, which is represented by Council President and Rules Committee Chair Myrtle Cole.  She needs to hear from you!

Thank you,

Dr André J. Branch
President, NAACP San Diego

2018-07-02 Letter Regarding CRB Amendment (dragged)
2018-07-02 Letter Regarding CRB Amendment (dragged) 1

Council Committee Considers Section-8 Non-Discrimination Ordinance

San Diego City Council Member Gómez has introduced an ordinance to prohibit landlords from refusing to rent to tenants because they have Section 8 vouchers.  You may read her presentation on the City’s website, and more information is available in the supporting documents section of the Committee Agenda.

This is what Housing Committee Member Steve Dorner had to say in support of the ordinance:

2018 06 27 Comments at Smart Growth and Land Use Committee

Steve Dorner, member of the NAACP Housing Committee, urges the committee to approve the ordinance prohibiting discrimination against Section 8 voucher holder.

The person you see walking out during Mr Dorner’s remarks is Council Member Lori Zapf, who voted against the ordinance.

Many other people spoke in favor of the ordinance.  The San Diego Housing Commission supports it strongly.

Against it were some landlords.  Their argument was that the Section 8 process sometimes took 2-4 weeks, which left their unit vacant for that time, and so lost them income.

Given the lopsided market in favor of landlords, the miniscule vacancy rate, and the vicissitudes of a well-functioning housing market, Mr Dorner found it hard to sympathize with people whose main concern was missing a small amount of income on their second (or third, or tenth, or…) home, rather than people looking for a place to live.

Section 8 is intended to serve a purpose beyond mere housing, vital though that is.  Section 8 is intended to combat segregation by allowing low-income folks, African-Americans particularly, to live in areas of higher rents and more economic prosperity.  It’s been shown that people do better financially if low-income folks aren’t all forced into the same area of town, but instead get to live in prosperous neighborhoods.  In the City of San Diego, Section 8 vouchers are used in predominantly minority neighborhoods:

Many people believe that a big part of the resistance to Section 8 is actually based in racial discrimination.

Council Member Alvarez spoke in favor of the ordinance, though he asked the SDHC for more information and encouraged them to make even more effort on behalf of landlords.  Member Sherman was not ready to support the ordinance at this time.  Member Zapf could see no need at all for the ordinance; perhaps the fact that she asked questions that were plainly answered in the preceding presentations gives a clue as to the source of her difficulty.

In the end, the committee spit 2-2, with Member Alvarez voting with Member Gómez for it, Members Sherman and Zapf opposed.  As Member Gómez is Chair of the Committee, it is her prerogative to send the measure to the full council, though without Committee recommendation, and she did so.

Mobile STEM Camp

This week, the NAACP is sponsoring a STEM camp at Bell Middle School. More than a dozen kids are being introduced to entrepreneurship and engineering, both electrical and software.  

You can read more about the STEM camp here.

Housing Committee Member Urges City to Try New Approaches

Steve Dorner, Housing Committee Member, attended the San Diego City Council meeting on June 26th, to thank them for taking training regarding the City’s affordable housing program.  He took the opportunity to give them a gift; a copy of Evicted by Matthew Desmond, and urged the to try Shared Equity models like Community Land Use Trusts.