September 28, 2020

Dear Members,

The NAACP San Diego Branch has made great strides this year. Membership is way up, contributions are way up, your Branch is in the face of the powerful on a regular basis, and on TV and in newspapers from San Diego to Washington DC to Boston. You, our members have really stepped up and shown your interest in racial justice. Now it’s time to make your voice heard regarding the future of our Branch.

We need you and your energy. We need you involved in the election the Branch is having on November 12th. The Branch can’t move forward without innovative ideas and a lot of energy. Take the time to come to our General Membership meeting on October 1st, and again on November 5th, to learn about the candidates and their ideas.

Ask whatever questions you wish, and decide for yourselves who you think can best lead the Branch this year!

If you’ve been a member since May 1st or before, one of our new leaders could be YOU! Please visit our Elections page ( and learn how you can be nominated by petition at our October 1st meeting.

We hope to see you at 6pm on Thursday, at!


Francine Maxwell, President
NAACP San Diego Branch