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Call for Action at Valhalla High School

September 30, 2021


NAACP San Diego Branch remains deeply concerned about the incident at Valhalla High School in which a campus supervisor used excessive force during an altercation between two students.  Our original concern expressed on September 3 becomes even stronger with the release of an investigation by Grossmont Union High School District that found the campus supervisor violated a GUHSD regulation*.  The investigator noted the violation was due in part to a lack of training.  This lack of training clearly is the fault of the district.  In other words, the district allowed an inadequately trained employee to supervise students at Valhalla High School.  The investigator noted that numerous incidents based on race at VHS, “Valhalla High School students need to receive some form of cultural sensitivity training.”

We call on the district for the firing of the Supervisor involved.  We also expect that there is a  review of the training records of its employees and any deficiencies discovered are remediated.  The district must also inform the public of the results of this review and the steps taken to assure its employees are properly trained to supervise and interact with students. Furthermore, the GUHSD and the Valhalla administration must implement the investigator’s recommendation.  NAACP San Diego Branch stands ready to assist the district in this effort. As a community-based organization, we will hold all accountable for systemic changes that are needed in our community for the sake of our children.

On September 3, 2021, The NAACP San Diego Branch expressed deep concerns about the excessive force used against a Black female high school student during an altercation at Valhalla High School.

Superintendent Kemper and her team met with the Office of the President to understand how this incident could even occur at a school. President Maxwell and First President Bonner have remained in contact with the Superintendent’s Office regarding the ongoing investigation.

*It is exceptionally troubling to learn that the investigator’s findings stated the following: “As a preview, it is my opinion that Employee A violated Administration Regulation 5131.41 in his response to, and interaction with, Student B. At the same time, however, his violation is in part due to a lack of training. I recommend that Employee A remain on paid administrative leave until he receives additional training. Further, he should be reassigned to a different school. There is no evidence to suggest that Employee A’s actions were based on race. However, it is my opinion, based upon the number of incidents involving race between 2019- present, that Valhalla High School students need to receive cultural sensitivity training. For example, a student posted this on social media after the subject incident: referencing how these n- would behave.” In a Press Release, Superintendent Kemper apologized to Student B after sharing the report publicly.

Brian Bonner
1st Vice President

Katrina Hasan Hamilton
Education Chair

NAACP San Diego Branch

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