ACT-SO Student Observer Program

We’re excited to announce our ACT-SO National Student Observer Program!

As you know, students who win Gold at our Showcase in April get a free ride to ACT-SO National in Boston.  This year we’re looking to bring along up to three more students to accompany our Gold winners.

Student observers will get a chance to travel to Boston with ACT-SO, meet other ACT-SO competitors from across the country, and see what competition at National is like.  We’ll pay their way and make sure they’re safe and have a good time.

How do students earn the chance to go?  By participating in ACT-SO and NAACP events, and by competing in the local Showcase–even if they don’t win it all!  We’ll be rolling out the details soon, but we want you to know that every ACT-SO and NAACP San Diego Branch Event you attend increases your chances to travel to Boston next July!

ACT-SO Revisits Casa del Rey Moro

Instructions for attendees of our 2019 visit to the African Museum in Old Town

4:30 PM: We will meet in Washington Square, near the big flagpole:

Renita and/or Steve will be there to check you in, wearing their orange “I am ACT-SO” nametags.

Each group will be assigned a group leader; please cooperate with your group leader.

5:00pm: We will head over to the museum for the tour!

6:00pm: Dinner will be served in Washington Square.

7:00pm: There will be a drawing for a $15 movie gift card. In order to be eligible to win, you must complete at least half the questions on the Casa del Rey Moro Study Guide. We will be spot-checking the answers, so don’t just write “Banana” on every one!

Watch: ACT-SO at B2S

ACT-SO tabled at the NAACP San Diego Branch’s 2019 Back-to-School Stay-in-School Rally and Fair. We had the assistance of Eastlake High’s Young Black Leaders of Excellence, and we had a great time.

2019 ACT-SO National Awards Ceremony

For those of you who are interested in what ACT-SO looks like, here is the full video of the awards ceremony. It’s four hours long, so you might want to either lay in a big supply of popcorn or else just dip into it here and there.

While our returning Poetry Performance competitor, Ms Jor’Denay Collier, didn’t medal this year, she did get a significant part in the award ceremony for the second year running. (If you want to skip right to Jor’Denay, she appears at about the 36th minute of the video.) We could not be more proud of Jor’Denay; in addition to her fine performances, she was a strong President of the Eastlake High BSU this last year. As a rising Junior, we expect even more wonderful things from her this year!

Ms Jor’Denay Collier performs

ACT-SO National Coming Up!

Once again, the NAACP San Diego Branch ACT-SO program is sending Ms Jor’Denay Collier to compete in Poetry Performance at the National ACT-SO Competition!

Jor’Denay, our Gold Winner!

This year’s competition will be in Detroit, Michigan, at the Renaissance Center, pictured above.

Jor’Denay’s Aunt Kim and ACT-SO Chair Renita will be there to cheer her on.