Special Education Information Courtesy of Schwartz & Storey

What’s going to happen with special education?

At this time it is not clear what is going to happen with schools and special education. There is a lot of information out there, a good amount that is conflicting, and it is changing daily. The schools are closed and the Governor suggested they may not reopen until the fall. Many Districts are sending Prior Written Notice’s explaining services will not be provided during school closures.

Is there something you should do right now?

Absolutely, spend time with your family, stay safe, and stay informed! Remember everyone is in this together. A sudden shift in our routines makes for very big transitions that are hard on kids and adults. This is difficult when there is so much unknown. You can get good information from Federal and State Government websites like the California Department of Education (www.cdc.gov) and your local school district. 

Stay tuned for some free webinars on special education!

We take pride in providing families with the resources and tools to successfully advocate on behalf of their children. We will continue to provide free parent training online in the coming weeks. Our webinars will allow you to learn more about special education from your home. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and sign-ups!

Visit your local school district’s website! In the last week a lot of school districts have put up resources for families to use while we are under quarantine. The information is quite extensive and very useful. It is great to see how quickly these resources came together. Check out Poway Unified School District and San Diego Unified School District’s online resources!

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Thriving When School is Out: Home Based Education Skills

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Please check back for links to materials and the webinar.

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Learning When School’s Out

March 16, 2020

Dear Parents,

Just because school isn’t in session doesn’t mean learning has to stop.  Please consider having your kids make use of some of these resources to keep their minds sharp while school is out:


Here’s The Entire List of Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions Due to School Closings

Free, Online Learning Resources When Coronavirus Closes Schools

Comcast offering ‘Internet Essentials’ package free for low-income customers for 60 days


Francine Maxwell, President
NAACP San Diego Branch

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Rebuttal to John Lee Evans

February 17, 2020

In a recent article published in the Voice of San Diego, school board member John Lee Evans proclaimed that he is “sick and tired” of saying that we cannot afford what our students need.  The article continues to point out the areas of deficit for the San Diego Unified School District that he believes receiving more money will solve. 

Mr. Evans then illegally distributed this e-mail to every SD Unified employee via the district’s email system.   Mr. Evans had previously been warned by the courts the ramifications of using district e-mail for political or personal gain, yet he chose once again to disobey the Superior Courts edict.   One would begin to question his motives and his integrity by his egregious actions. 

The school board and the superintendent have proven repeatedly their misuse of funds that come from the state and federal agencies.  The board’s own political gain has completely overshadowed what is needed for students and schools. Every year the district proclaims to have a deficit of millions of dollars and that the state does not give them enough money to run our schools.  But yet every single year under the tutelage of Superintendent Cindy Marten more and more people have been hired to work for her at the central office. Just look at all the revised organizational charts that the school board has approved. Not one of these employees touches the lives of our students.  It simply gives her more help to do the jobs she should be doing and allows her to spend more time in “front of the cameras” giving false information to the citizens of San Diego. 

Families in San Diego have had to cut back in their own homes to afford the living expenses that are now occurring in San Diego.  The district needs to follow this example each year so that the budget is not continually running in the red. Mr. Evans’ article points a BIG finger at the governor, the state and years and years of inadequate funding yet not once does he look at the mismanagement of money and spending habits that occur in the SD Unified School District.  Everything is everybody else’s fault!!!! After 11 years on the school board, Mr. Evans should have firsthand knowledge of how the problem can be solved yet all he can do is beg for more money!! Shame on you John Lee Evans. You know better than to point fingers in every direction but your own. You and the board members will approve every single item at the board meetings IF it helps promote your own political agenda or your own personal wellbeing.  

The time is up!  The parents and community members of San Diego can see through your smokescreen.  We don’t need more money for you and the board to continue to spend foolishly. We need a new school board with members who believe in our students and know how to balance a budget no matter how much or how little they are given.  Just like our students, we will rise to the challenge at hand in spite of your negativity and discouraging attitude.  

Francine Maxwell, First Vice President and Acting President
NAACP San Diego Branch